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Optiko Eyewear is your place to go when it comes to receiving comprehensive eye exams from experienced Optometrists while getting to wear the latest designer glasses. 

With the latest technology at our disposal, we can offer comprehensive eye exams that will evaluate every aspect of your eyes. Not only will we assess your vision, but we will also identify potential silent or asymptomatic eye diseases, including Short-and-Far Sightedness, Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, Retinal issues, Diabetes and more. 

Not only will you get to improve your vision, but with a wide selection of stylish designer-made glasses, you will stand out with your own unique style. Our specialists can find the right lenses for your frames or contact lenses, so you get to see the world a little clearer. 

We are dedicated to providing you with the complete service so you get everything you need from us. 

Come down to Optiko Sunridge Mall Eye Clinic, the Optometrist you can trust. 

Get All Your Lenses with Our Optometrist in Calgary NE

At Optiko, we are devoted to providing innovative eyewear that makes your life simple and carefree. We are always on the lookout for the latest eyewear designers, so we can provide their collection for you.   

It is why we have a large selection of stunningly amazing eyewear in our Sunridge Mall store. We want to provide you with a platform where you can find the eyewear that represents who you are. From the unique to the traditional, we have a wealth of designer glasses ready to be taken off our hands. 

But we offer more than just the designer eyewear; we want to get you the right look, and improve your vision, so you have a 20-20 life. Our optometrist in Calgary NE will help find the right lenses that improve the quality of your vision as well as your comfort and appearance. We also provide contact lenses to save you the stress of looking after your glasses. 

When it comes to eyewear in Calgary, we have the selection for you, as well as the expertise to make sure you get the best.



Book Your Appointment With a Trusted Sunridge Mall Optometrist

Why go anywhere else when we can provide you with everything you need? From eye care services to a platform for finding your perfect lenses, Optiko Eyewear is the Sunridge Mall eye clinic that has it all for you. 

We’re part of the Alberta Association of Optometrists; highlighting our commitment to ensuring your eye care will be handled by highly-trained and qualified optometrists. 

Better yet, we make it easy for you to obtain our services. We’re open Monday to Sunday, even on Holidays, so you can always get the treatment you need. All our services are direct billed to a host of insurance companies, making it easy for you. 

Don’t miss out on getting great service from our trusted Sunridge Mall optometrist. Book your appointment with Optiko Eyewear today.