Choosing the right frames for your glasses and your face can be a surprisingly tricky task. Not only do you have to get frames that fit your face, but you have to consider if the style works for you. Lots of people are overwhelmed by choices, especially when visiting their local eye centre and optometrist in Calgary.

So, how do you find the frames that work best for you? Here are six simple tips from a Calgary optometrist that can help you find the best frames for your face.

Optometrist In Calgary: Six Ways To Finding The Perfect Frames For Your Face

1.) Determine the shape of your face

Speak to your local optometrist in Calgary NE and let them measure your face. By measuring your face, they will be able to determine your face shape. With this baseline shape (the most common face shapes are oval, round, square and heart-shaped) you will help you decide what frames can work for you.

2.) See what frames fit your face shape

Now that you know your face’s shape, you can narrow down the frames that will work best for you. Certain frames work on certain faces, so knowing what type of frames you can look for will help you in your search.

3.) Try on as many frames and styles as you can

If you’re lucky enough to find a store that offers you a range of different glasses with many frames and styles, then you’re in luck. You should try as many of them as possible, as the more you try, the higher the chance you’ll find the one that matches your face.


4.) Find the ones that compliment your face

Just as you would try on clothes that compliment your body, the same logic applies to your glasses. Do they compliment your face or not? Do they bring out your best features? If do they, keep them aside and build a pile of your favorites, before making a final decision on the best.

5.) Be unique!
When it comes to color, style and design, make sure that you go with something that makes you unique! With a host of different frames available, you know you can find something that is going to make you stand out and be unique!

6.) Does it fit right?

One way to determine if the frames are not the right fit for your face is to shake them and see if they fall off. If they come off too easy, it means they are not right for you. If they hold on, it means they are suited to you.

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